More than an exhibition centre, EXPOSALÃO is the stage of successful business partnerships.

Born in 1992, EXPOSALÃO is the biggest private exhibition centre in the Iberian Peninsula, organizing about 20 events every year. 

Aware of the market's evolution, EXPOSALÃO promotes business fairs and exhibitions in different sectors, including molds and plastics, natural stone, bakery and pastries, hotels and decor, gardens, motorcycles, the transport sector, among others. 

This space is also assigned to receive events such as congresses, companies and products presentations, fashion shows or institutional meetings and celebrations. 

With a total area of 120.000m2, EXPOSALÃO includes an indoor exhibition area of 16.000m2, distributed by 3 pavilions, a parking lot, a multipurpose area, one auditorium and other support areas (WC's, bars and restaurants). 

EXPOSALÃO has a multifaceted space for holding the most diverse types of events such as congresses, corporate events, fairs and exhibitions, cultural and sporting events, colloquiums, conferences, and other presentations. 

To meet the market's needs and boost the clients' results, EXPOSALÃO also organizes events outside its facilities, namely in Lisbon and Porto.

EXPOSALÃO - your business partner!

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