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Fair of Machinery, equipment, raw materials and technology for molds and plastics 

October 2024 - EXPOSALÃO - Batalha


From November 3rd to 6th, 2021, we promoted another edition of MOLDPLAS - Exhibition of Machines, Equipment, Raw Materials and Technology for Molds and Plastics.

The goals remain. Bringing together in the same space the companies that supply and support this sector and make the fair the stage for the presentation of proposals and solutions in terms of machines, equipment, accessories, raw materials and technology for molds and plastics.

With a long history, MOLDPLAS is the reference fair in the sector and attracts thousands of professionals who come to the fair with the opportunity to get in close contact with the news and innovations to which the sector is subject.

Participating in the fair is, therefore, a unique opportunity for companies to present themselves in the market, and an excellent working tool to present proposals and solutions, establish new contacts, strengthen commercial relationships and close deals.

Be part of this great event. Participate in MOLDPLAS!


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