Discover the solutions for remodeling and building your hotel here
Discover the solutions for remodeling and building your hotel here

In this edition, Decorhotel appears to revitalize and revive new possibilities, opportunities and expectations for the hotel sector. With several confirmed presences already, more than 200 exhibitors and around 300 to 400 brands are expected.

The fair's growth has been remarkable in recent editions. This edition appears as a new and differentiated need to respond to the innovative solutions that the market presents. This demand reinforces DECORHOTEL's role in the Portuguese hotel scene, an event that stands out for its constant search for news and networking.

The leading hotel fair in Portugal prepares 10,000 m2 of exhibition space with a wide range of proposals, solutions and ideas for building, equipping, remodeling and decorating hotel and local accommodation units, ranging from architecture and design, with integrated projects from turnkey, through construction, decoration, textiles, management and technology, equipment and amenities, to solutions for outdoor spaces.

Responding and anticipating the urgent and current needs of the market, DECORHOTEL also promotes a program of seminars and parallel activities that will address topics of relevance for the future of the hotel sector.

In terms of visitors, hotel businessmen, hotel directors, marketing directors and hotel purchasing directors, architects, engineers, decorators, designers, among others in the sector, from all over the country and abroad, are expected.

In its fourth edition, DECORHOTEL assumes itself as a business for all professionals in the sector, a way to create movement, relationships and activity in this essential area for the hotel industry. We will safely move forward with a quality fair, where the watchword will be improvement, in order to reactivate the hotel market, bringing out new actions, activities and solutions for a world that is different, given the new challenges that through.

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The fair will run from 21st to 23rd October 2021 from 10am to 7pm at FIL- Lisbon, Portugal.

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