Lusomotos: "EXPOMOTO is a meeting point for all motorcycle lovers, who come to this event looking for the latest news"
Lusomotos: "EXPOMOTO is a meeting point for all motorcycle lovers, who come to this event looking for the latest news"

Lusomotos is very expectant for the reunion with clients and professionals of the sector that is scheduled to take place next week at EXPOMOTO, which will take place between May 5th and 8th at Exponor, in Porto. In the return to the event of reference in the universe of two wheels, the company is preparing to present the YADEA electric motorcycles. "The big news we will have at EXPOMOTO 2022 will be the presentation of YADEA to our customers and to all two-wheeled enthusiasts, for a more sustainable and greener planet", revealed António Pinto, CEO of Lusomotos.

How is Lusomotos following the recovery of the sector's activities?

The last few years were not easy for anyone and we were also affected, mainly by the lack of raw materials, which leads to price increases and instability in the markets. Right now, and despite everything, we are going through a very positive phase and sales growth.

In the absolutely unique context that we all lived, Lusomotos remained active and resilient, its employees were always safe and the company operated at full capacity, doing our best every day to avoid any disruption, especially in the excellence, demand and rigor in which we have always based our relationship with our customers and partners.

We never gave up and that is what kept us united and confident that everything would be overcome. The effort and dedication paid off, and the growth of both the motorcycle area and the forest and garden area has been an undeniable reality.


What are the benefits of Lusomotos' participation in EXPOMOTO?

Participation in EXPOMOTO 2022 is of extreme importance to Lusomotos, not only because it is the largest event in this market segment, but also because it is a meeting point for all motorcycle enthusiasts, who come to this event looking for the latest news in the area.

Simultaneously with the reopening of the market after all the restrictions imposed on us by the pandemic, we see in this fair the opportunity to resume face-to-face contact with our resellers and with the general public.


What are Lusomotos' expectations for the next edition of the fair?

Our EXPOMOTO expectation is the best. We have been on stand-by for 2 years and it is high time to get back to being all together around the same passion. We hope it will be 4 days of sharing, networking, and that it will possibly bring us new leads/new business for the future.


What are the new features that will be accessible to visitors?

With a consolidated experience of over 30 years in the Portuguese market, in the import and distribution of parts, accessories and vehicles, Lusomotos intends to continue its commitment to two-wheeled vehicles, taking another step into the world of electric vehicles, thus assuming the distribution of the brand YADEA electric motorcycle in the Portuguese market.

The positive impact on the environment is recognized by the company, which is 100% committed to supporting the use of electric two-wheelers in mainland Portugal and the Islands.

Thus, the big news we will have at EXPOMOTO 2022 will be the presentation of YADEA to our customers and to all two-wheeled enthusiasts, for a more sustainable and greener planet.

Lusomotos will be present at the 25th Fair of motorcycles, accessories and equipment with the most varied options for lovers of two-wheeled motorcycles and also with novelties that will please everyone, in a moment that marks an important turning point in two-wheeling.


With a portfolio composed of brands of reference, what do you consider to be the differentiating factor of Lusomotos?

The fact that we have a large enough permanent stock to make the desired material available to our dealers in less than 24 hours. Add to this the seriousness, professionalism and business ethics that every day we try to ensure in all business relationships that develop from Lusomotos and inspire the confidence of those who do business with us.

Our daily attitudes are what define us as a trustworthy company. The relationship with our customers and suppliers is always conducted with transparency, responsibility, credibility, follow-up, confidentiality, and integrity.

Throughout the company we respect and act in accordance with the law and all rules applicable to our business. We also have a good relationship with the media, always being transparent, truthful and always presenting complete information that is of interest to the media to which we are addressing.


How has Lusomotos been responding to the challenges of the clients and consequently adapting to such a fierce market?

Over the nearly 35 years of dedication to Lusomotos, we have always faced several challenges, both with the industry and with the customers who are increasingly demanding in a constantly evolving market.

We always try to respond to all requests, we always try to have the best products, from the best brands, always with an excellent price/quality ratio, and with high stock levels so that we can give the best response to the immediate needs of our customers.


What new features are in development?

At this moment we have several projects on the table, we are always attentive and looking for new opportunities in the 2-wheel market, always with the great objective/focus of continuing to grow, as well as helping our customers to grow by being increasingly competitive in the market, with excellent products, personalized assistance, and transparency in all business.


With so many years of experience and presence in the market, which milestones do you consider important to highlight about Lusomotos?

Since the creation of the company in 1987, every moment was always very remarkable. Each step taken, each new conquest, each new partner and supplier that trusted in Lusomotos, made us get until here. Without our partners and collaborators we wouldn't have reached the level of excellence we've always tried to "imprint" on the company.

However, throughout the almost 35 years of dedication to Lusomotos, I can say that there are two major key moments that have made us grow and progress and are the most visible.

One of them was moving the facilities from the Alféloas Industrial Area to Aguim in 2003, when we realized that we had to grow structurally, that we had to remain ambitious and courageous to achieve more and better results. At that time we went from a 1100m2 space to a 2300m² covered area.

Another moment of great impact in the company was now the expansion of our facilities in Aguim, increasing the warehouse, with a significant increase in our storage capacity to 3,437m² of covered area and to 28,165m3 of volumetry.

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