Mutt Motorcycles (Garagem Central): "We are counting on the presence in EXPOMOTO to bring new clients to the brand"
Mutt Motorcycles (Garagem Central): "We are counting on the presence in EXPOMOTO to bring new clients to the brand"

Based in Birmingham, England, Mutt Motorcycles debuted in the market as a small manufacturer of custom-inspired, retro-style 125cc motorcycles. The growing interest of customers and affordable prices were determining factors in the growth of the brand. In Portugal it is represented by Garagem Central. Luís Magalhães, responsible for the company, is expectant about the return to EXPOMOTO and the novelties that will be available to visitors.

How is Garage Central, as a representative of Mutt Motorcycles, following the recovery of the sector's activities?

Right now, the recovery is a bit difficult, due to so many uncertainties and due to the new war crisis coming in. I think the mentality has changed, in the sense that more people are looking for individual Moto transport.

What are the advantages of Mutt Motorcycles' participation in EXPOMOTO?

To make known the quality of the motorcycles, and the whole history of the brand. Despite being a recent brand we believe that it will very quickly become a cult brand.

What are Mutt Motorcycles' expectations for the next edition of the fair?

We are hoping that it will bring new customers to the brand and that people will realize its great potential.

What are the new features that will be accessible to visitors?

We will have the new Euro.5 models to present to the visitor. 

Are there any particular models that are stirring the curiosity of adventurers in the two-wheeled world?

The Akita model is a very robust model that captivates all lovers of the Neo Classic style due to its two lines and aggressiveness.

How has been the reception of Mutt Motorcycles in the Portuguese market?

It's been pretty good! Our customers like the brand because of the quality of the materials, and even those who don't have one like the spirit of the brand and everything it stands for. 

What has had more demand in Portugal within the brand's offer?

So far the models have been very successful. Younger people prefer the Full Black models, Fat Sabath and a great success. Among the 35/50 age group we have at the top the Hilts that are reminiscent of the scramblers used by Steve McQueen! 

What distinguishes Mutt Motorcycles equipment from other existing equipment?

The quality and use of many metal materials! The only plastic parts are the battery covers. The set of high quality materials led Mutt Motorcycle to victory.

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