SOMETHING PERFECT: "Participating in DECORHOTEL allows us to evaluate the receptiveness of IMA COLLECTION to the hotel business".
SOMETHING PERFECT: "Participating in DECORHOTEL allows us to evaluate the receptiveness of IMA COLLECTION to the hotel business".

IMA COLLECTION is confirmed in the largest fair directed to the hotel sector. The brand will present a collection inserted in a luxury segment. "It is a solid wood collection that allows longevity of products and some change for years, making it possible to pass from generation to generation" said the architect Sara Afonso, CEO of Something Group.

What are IMA COLLECTION's expectations regarding DECORHOTEL?

Being a luxury collection it is expected to achieve interest by investors and developers who want to place themselves in a taken market.

We are aware that the value of the collection is related to the fact that we are working with solid wood and with local carpenters, however it has the great advantage of enduring in time and being timeless.

What are the products/services that will be highlighted during the exhibition?

The recent IMA COLLECTION collection with national manufacture and national woods.

What are the company's goals with its presence in the event?

Evaluating people's feedback, it is very important for us to realize if we are going in the right direction.

What do you think are IMA's advantages of participating in DECORHOTEL?

We need to change the way we consume, reuse and use durable alternatives that are easy to reinvent. This is the assumption of IMA COLLECTION. Participating in DECORHOTEL allows us to evaluate the receptivity to the hotel business.

Will IMA have any initiatives for the fair's visitors?

As Sara Afonso, architect, in partnership with DECORHOTEL and ANTEPROJECTOS, I am organizing a conference on the theme of BIOFILY | NEUROCIENCY in ARCHITECTURE.

How would you describe the work developed by IMA?

The IMA COLLECTION, arises from the desire to return to the old tradition of reusing grandparents' furniture. The collection in solid wood allows longevity of the products and some change over the years, making it possible to pass them from generation to generation.

What added value does this collection add to the hospitality segment?

Tourism| Hospitality, has always been a focus of interest, our know how as SOMETHING GROUP, in this area, gives our clients an opportunity to follow their investment from beginning to end, not only from the licensing point of view, but also in cost control, project management and supervision. 

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