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3D printing and additive manufacturing fair.

November 9th to 12th 2022 - EXPOSALÃO - Batalha

Wednesday to Saturday - 10 am / 7 pm


In recent years, additive manufacturing has ceased to be seen as a futuristic production process, with occasional use in prototypes, to be studied and considered by industries in all countries as a true production method. In Portugal, the interest in 3D printing has followed the worldwide trend.

It is in this context that we embrace the challenge and present for the first time in Portugal a fair dedicated to additive manufacturing, commonly known for 3D printing. 

The goal is to bring together in one space the players that move in this market in order to present the complex and multifaceted universe of additive manufacturing, which includes the equipment and technologies of 3D printers, the entire range of materials used, from polymers to metals and others materials, as well as at every step of the process in state-of-the-art industrial production to series production, and make 3D ADDITIVE EXPO a meeting point for all professionals looking for solutions to optimize their business.

3D printing and additive manufacturing have applications in several areas, namely the industrial, automotive, aerospace engineering, medical and dental health, jewelery, consumer electronics products and many others.

Participation in 3D ADDITIVE EXPO is a unique opportunity to present products, services, innovations, listen to the market, renew contacts and close deals.

Participate in 3D ADDITIVE EXPO! Because the future is now!



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