Almácla: "We believe that DECORHOTEL can be an important moment for new business".
Almácla: "We believe that DECORHOTEL can be an important moment for new business".

With over 50 years of experience, Almácla has sought to adjust to the new paradigms of the national and international market, always seeking to offer the best products and solutions for the various professional areas. During its presence at DECORHOTEL, the company hopes to be able to present a wide range of products and win new customers. "We want to get closer to the hospitality sector, being able to serve the most varied architectural projects", reinforced the CEO Daniel Lopes.

What are Almácla's expectations for the event?

Almácla has great expectations with its DECORHOTEL '22 participation, the only fair exclusively dedicated to the hospitality sector and all the surrounding activities. Being already a reference for this sector, we believe it can be an important moment for new business and especially to present to a specialized audience the high quality of our NMC - Noel & Marquet products.

In a year marked by the resumption of business activity in fairs and exhibitions in our country and the world, it is very important to be in contact with the public, discuss ideas and get to know the market's needs, so that we can better plan the future.

What products will be highlighted during the exhibition?

Among several internationally renowned brands, Almácla represents in Portugal the NMC - Noel & Marquet brand, which will be in evidence at our stand (Nº128) at DECORHOTEL '22. NMC manufactures a wide variety of decorative products for numerous applications in ceilings, walls or floors. The attractive moldings, moldings, skirtings and wall panels capture the attention and make spaces unique, presenting sophisticated solutions for LED lighting, flexible materials for curved supports or even to cover old skirtings without the need for major work interventions.

In addition to all these features, all NMC products are 100% moisture resistant, easy to install and paint.

What are Almácla's objectives with its presence in the event?

The goal of Almácla's participation in DECORHOTEL '22 is to get closer to the hospitality sector, and in this way be able to serve the most varied architectural projects.

NOËL & MARQUET decorative elements provide creative interior design solutions that allow you to personalize any room, regardless of your taste and style. The NOËL & MARQUET brand allows you to create exquisite, modern, classic or timeless spaces, whether private, such as the kitchen, living room and bathroom, or professional, such as restaurants and hotels.

The products they supply meet the highest requirements in terms of technology, functionality, design, and environmental protection.

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