Ascendum: "STONE is the largest national expression fair within the natural stone sector"
Ascendum: "STONE is the largest national expression fair within the natural stone sector"

The focus on Volvo and Metso equipment are among Ascendum's main objectives, and it is already working on its presence at STONE. Engineer Pedro Gaspar, commercial director of the company, also explains the importance of this event for the sector.

How would you describe the partnership between Ascendum Máquinas and STONE?

We have lost count of the number of participations, but it has been many years. This pandemic issue has also scrambled the books a bit. It's a considerable amount of time and it's always a good fair for our company.

What are Ascendum Máquinas' goals with its presence in the next edition of STONE?

We are restricted to selling in the domestic market and therefore our target market is the Portuguese market. We want to reach all customers. Stone is the largest national fair within the sector of natural stone and extractive industry. Our goal is to be with our customers and to get closer to eventual customers during the fair.

What will be the company's big bet for the fair?

We are still working on what our exhibit will be. Since the fair has the theme of the extractive industry, there are two brands that we are interested in exhibiting, namely Volvo and Metso. We would like to present a Mesto crusher, but at this moment we are dependent on the availability of the brand, which is small.  

We want to have an excavator eventually. Another segment that we have been focusing on in the company for the last two years is used. So we would also like to show what we understand with the used concept. We deliver the machines with warranty and excellent condition.

Ascendum presents a vast portfolio of brands. What differentiates you from the others?

We work with several reference brands and we want to work with them at the fair, but we will direct our bet to what is also the fair's theme.

How do you evaluate the prestige Ascendum has achieved over the past decades?

Ascendum was born in one of the strongest areas of this industry and the entire surrounding area has always been one of our most influential areas. I would say that 90% of the companies that explore limestone blocks in this region are our customers.

In terms of equipment, we have the largest market share in wheel loaders. We have been betting a lot on excavators. We have facilities in various parts of the country and therefore we are able to have considerable coverage in terms of the national context. 

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