Famel: "EXPOMOTO has more than 40 thousand presences which adds visibility to the brand".
Famel: "EXPOMOTO has more than 40 thousand presences which adds visibility to the brand".

A reference in the electric motorcycle segment, FAMEL presents itself at EXPOMOTO with great expectations. The brand's models will be available for all visitors to see. There is also a surprise prepared for those who want to purchase the equipment on display. "We will present a 10% discount in the final price of the motorcycle", revealed Joel Sousa, re-founder of FAMEL.

In what way is FAMEL following the recovery of the sector's activities?

Currently, the company has made several efforts to present itself to its public in person. We have a presence at SAHE 2021, and this year we presented the final model of the E-XF at EXPOMOTO.

What are the strengths of FAMEL's participation in EXPOMOTO?

EXPOMOTO has more than 40 thousand attendances (average) which adds visibility to the brand and respective increase in notoriety, making it the most appropriate place to present the finalized model and the new FAMEL image. The FAMEL community has been asking to see the model live and this is the right moment to do it. Thus, the expo becomes fundamental to write the new chapter of the brand.

What are FAMEL's expectations for the next edition of the fair? What are the objectives set?

The team intends to understand the market acceptance, given the new features and the new design of the E-XF, but also the new image that FAMEL will present at the fair (logo, signature, website...).  The major objective of the brand is the substantial increase in sales of the "EMBAIXADOR" model, which has a limited edition of 300 units, an estimated autonomy of 120 km and an estimated maximum speed of 100km/h.

What are the new features that will be accessible to visitors?

We will take two E-XFs. The Café racer and the Classica. The differences between them are the driving position and the number of occupants, the Classica being 2 and the Café racer 1.

Visitors to EXPOMOTO will be able to see and test the models on display?

Just getting to know them. The bikes will be stationary at the brand's stand, but you can sit on them and try them out even though they don't move.

What other initiatives do you have planned for EXPOMOTO?

We will present a 10% discount on the final price of the "EMBAIXADOR" motorcycle for those who book it between the days of EXPOMOTO (May 5-8) through a landing page made available at the event.

FAMEL works hard to present a current proposal, namely, in the field of electric motorcycles. Is the market already familiar with these models?

The best way to answer that question is to analyze the evolution of the national electric motorcycle market. In 2021, the number of electric motorcycles sold was around 150 (Source: ACAP). This year, from January to March, 233 units were sold (Source: ACAP). In 3 months it was possible to surpass the previous year's total. This is a strong indicator that the market is realizing the advantages of these means of mobility and the real importance of saving the planet and the wallet. So, yes, the market is becoming increasingly familiar with this means of mobility.

The electrical component has been on the agenda. What are the advantages for the users of this equipment?

Some of the pluses are: low maintenance, low cost, environmental and sustainable savings, zero Co2 emissions, and the technology they feature.

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