Fravizel: "STONE is an interesting fair, because it is in the Center of the country, where the stone business throbs".
Fravizel: "STONE is an interesting fair, because it is in the Center of the country, where the stone business throbs".

Present in the market for almost four decades, Fravizel has worked hard to adapt to new contexts. The company's mission is to develop, produce and market products and services for the Natural Rock sector, and for this reason it seeks to make every innovation a revolution in the market. On his return to STONE, Eliseu Frazão, Fravizel's CEO, is excited to meet clients again and reinforces the need for the country to show the world its potential in the stone business.

STONE is back after a forced stop. What are Fravizel's expectations for the fair?

The expectation is positive. It is important to bring international visitors to give dimension to the event and the whole sector wins.

Does Fravizel already have goals set for the new edition of STONE?

Fravizel presents a new concept of machines "mobile line" that was developed thinking about the quarry of the future. We always present one or another new product during our presence at STONE. The most important thing for us is the relationship with the customer. We strengthen the relationship and understand the customer's needs for the time ahead. It is easier to establish contact with customers at this kind of event. A fair is a moment when customers have time and availability to get to know the products and the company.

What do you expect from the reunion with the clients?

This is an interesting fair, because geographically it is in the Center, where the stone business pulsates. The North is also quite strong right now. People are looking forward to going to the fair, getting out of the house and seeing the products. There is a lot of need for conversation. It is an ideal moment to hold the fair.

What is the post-show period like for Fravizel?

The fairs strengthen the bonds with the client. It is a business meeting point. The client studies more and more the options for the need with time.

Portugal is one of the main world players in the stone business. What can you foresee for the future?

We have the culture of quarrying and working the stone, we have to know how to use and communicate it. We sell stone with added value, but we could do even more. When we project any work or monument, Portuguese stone is a constant reference; thinking about stone and stone technology is already thinking about Portugal. The new "mobile line", reflects the perspective of how we understand the future of the sector and of a quarry. Thinking about the environment and people, we build machines with the latest technology. Which, at the same time that they increase productivity and safety, have the advantage of contributing to energy, carbon and resources savings. 

What other challenges lie ahead?

It depends a lot, the key is to make it happen fast and we help the stone industry to do that.

Fravizel has also helped spread Portugal's name around the world. What is the balance of the company's internationalization?

We have commercials and structure in several countries. But our best seller is our client. This has been our great strength in the international context that has already taken us to more than 58 countries. Our thanks.

Is there anything new that Fravizel is currently working on?

Our focus is on machines to increase productivity and energy efficiency bringing very attractive operating results. Make it happen fast and safely. Visit us!  

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