Helstons: "Visitors to EXPOMOTO will have the opportunity to discover the brand through collections rich in styles and innovations with the vintage spirit that is characteristic of the brand"
Helstons: "Visitors to EXPOMOTO will have the opportunity to discover the brand through collections rich in styles and innovations with the vintage spirit that is characteristic of the brand"

Helstons is a well-known and prestigious French brand, which over the past decades has marked its relevance by the quality and design of its products. Responsible for supplying vintage motorcycle equipment, the brand has decided to invest in the Portuguese market as well. Next May, it will make itself known to all those who visit EXPOMOTO, at Exponor, in Porto. CEO Kamal Kabi reveals the objectives of the French company for the national event of the two-wheel world.

How is Helstons facing the increasing number of industry events?

Since the company was founded, being close to the public and talking to them about our products has been a priority. The big Eicma event is one of our priorities, as it is the biggest European motorcycle event, however we will continue to participate in more local exhibitions. The Lyon show in France and EXPOMOTO in Portugal are always opportunities to meet those who use our products and at the same time allow us to introduce ourselves to our future customers.

What are the benefits of Helstons' participation in EXPOMOTO?

Recognizing Portugal for quality in the manufacturing of footwear, textiles and leather goods we produce our shoes, Tshirt's, luggage and leather goods in Portugal. For this reason Helstons now wants to be a key player in the Portuguese motorcycle equipment market. Helstons is a reference in the world of French and international motorcycle equipment, the Parisian brand wants to present and inform about its know-how, its competence and its vintage fashion history.

What are Helstons expectations for the next edition of the fair?

Helstons is always looking for new challenges, whether artistic, cosmopolitan or human. Today Portugal is evolving and developing in the motorcycle field, being already a popular destination for motorcyclists. Our expectations are to make ourselves known to this new market, but also to meet it.

What new features will be available for visitors?

Visitors will have the opportunity to discover the brand through collections rich in styles and innovations. First of all, Helstons offers visitors the opportunity to enter its world through the latest collections. We are talking about the summer 2022 and winter 2022/2023 collections. The summer and winter clothing will give the Portuguese public the opportunity to see the different technical materials used for different purposes.

How did Helstons overcome the challenges brought by Covid-19?

Everyone agrees that the pandemic globally, and in particular the containment, have been very difficult to overcome. The virus has forced us to rethink some of our procedures to deal with the restrictions imposed by the virus. We had to rethink our export policy and be farsighted about the opportunities presented. Thanks to this and our teamwork, we were able to take advantage of the situation and increase our sales, particularly internationally.

How did the Portuguese public react to Helstons' proposal?

Right now, the Portuguese public is reacting well to Helstons' products. In fact, the clothing and shoes we offer are different from what the Portuguese cyclist is used to seeing. Our designs are unique and elegant, with lots of style and safety.

What motivated Helstons to enter the Portuguese market?

Especially the Portuguese lifestyle. Many European motorcyclists are traveling to Porto, Alentejo, Algarve and Lisbon. Helstons has a role to play in the growth of the Portuguese market through its expertise in designing motorcycle equipment that combines elegance and protection.

What is Helstons' differentiating mark?

Founded in Paris in 1988, Helstons is based on two clear principles: the passion for motorcycles and the constant demand for quality. Finding the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, know-how and daring creations are the premises of the brand. Helstons has become inseparable from a style that combines elegance and protection. Always striving for excellence, with a presence on five continents, the French motorcycle equipment manufacturer is distinguished by its choice of innovative materials, unwavering rigor, and true ambition. 

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