Jerónimo & Morais: "STONE is a must for us. We have to be present".
Jerónimo & Morais: "STONE is a must for us. We have to be present".

Present in the market for several years, Jerónimo & Morais has sought to respond in advance to all the needs of the industry. It develops its activity in the search and supply of the best tools, machines and accessories for the stone industry and it is this aspect that will direct its bet during its participation in STONE. "Jerónimo & Morais will not lack what to show", assured Paulo Jerónimo, the company's manager.

How would you describe the partnership between Jerónimo & Morais and STONE?

We participated in almost all the editions, except the first one. It has given the company quite a big contribution in terms of visibility. The partnership between STONE and our company has always worked very well. I think it's an asset for both parties. It's a must-attend show for us. We have to be there. We believe very much in this fair and also in the organization.

What are Jerónimo & Morais' expectations for the next edition of the fair?

I think STONE is going to go very well this year because it coincides with the aftermath of the end of what we are going through. I think that people are all eager to participate in this kind of event, both our customers and the rest of us. Let's hope it's our best fair, as it has been in previous years.

What will be your bet in terms of exposure?

We are going to have a lot of innovations. We want to have the right tools. At Jerónimo & Morais there will be no lack of what to show. The problem today between us and other colleagues is to know if we will have the machines, because everything is very late.

What are Jerónimo & Morais' goals for STONE?

We have some target markets that we are going to focus on and take them to our booth. We want to show what we have and make them contact us when they feel we have the answer to some of their needs. The fair will serve a lot in this sense of presenting our range of products. Seeing the material on display is much more effective than just seeing it in the catalog. Any customer can test the material by visiting our booth. 

Being a long-time partner of STONE, how do you take stock of the post-event period?

Usually the success of the fair is perceived after the fair. We need to accompany the client and understand their needs. Until the end of the year it is natural that there will be business resulting from the presence of the fair.

How has Jerónimo & Morais responded to the challenges and needs of the industry?

In the stone sector we can reach any part of the country. We have the facility to reach all the districts. The years of market and notoriety also help us reach people and companies. We always try to look for new solutions. We always try to look for new things, even if it is for niche markets. We try to centralize all suppliers and this is an added value. 

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