Jorge Vala: "STONE has evolved a lot, not only growth in size, but in quality.
Jorge Vala: "STONE has evolved a lot, not only growth in size, but in quality.

The Mayor of Porto de Mós spoke about the importance of the stone industry for the municipality and applauded the realization of STONE, as a key event to boost the sector.

How important is the stone sector for Porto de Mós?

The mineral resources sector is very important, both for the extraction of natural stone and for transformation. This is a county that has these two important resources as the engine of its economy.

On the other hand, the sector becomes even more important in the transformation part. It is exactly the transformation that adds value to the product and to the economy. This is a fundamental sector for us. We are arm in arm with the entrepreneurs, even in the concerns in the intervention areas with potential that, at this moment, is not possible to advance to exploitation. There are other areas that are being considered. Therefore, we are working all this area together with ASSIMAGRA.

The municipality of Porto de Mós is perfectly aligned with the whole sector. We want to transform it to make it better and more profitable. Being more profitable is inevitably more economically dynamic for the municipality, but also for the region. Since one of the main extraction centers is located in Porto de Mós, this is a municipality with its doors open to the region, both in the dynamics of the sector and in the support to these areas.

The STONE fair brings together several professionals and companies in the stone industry. How do you perceive the importance of this event for the sector and consequently for the national economy?

First of all, I want to say thank you for the fact that we are having events again. Unfortunately, during these last two years everything has been done at a distance. This is a determining event. Exposalão is to be congratulated. It was to be congratulated when it decided to take up the challenge of some dynamic businessmen. It decided to do it in good time. From what I know, the fair has evolved a lot, not only the growth in dimension, but also in quality. Today STONE will have business people connected to the sector from all over the country. This massive presence shows the importance of the fair for the sector and secondly for the country.

Interview published in the full text in issue nª4 of VEJA Portugal magazine (coming soon)*

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