Limeport: "Limeport's expectations for STONE are high and we expect them to be exceeded"
Limeport: "Limeport's expectations for STONE are high and we expect them to be exceeded"

With over 30 years of experience and know-how, Limeport highlights the current moment as being decisive in its strategy, with the development of new business models and emphasis on investment in creativity and product development. In the next edition of STONE, the company will present its innovations. "New products developed at the level of extraction of own unit", stressed the executive director Luís Sousa.

What are Limeport's contributions to the natural stone industry?

Limeport makes an important contribution to the natural stone industry, as it is in constant search for maximum efficiency and quality, both in the extraction and transformation areas, as well as in customer service and market needs.

How has Limeport worked to maintain its prestige and market recognition?

The focus on delivering high quality products and attention to detail are details that distinguish Limeport, which intends to differentiate itself by the follow-up and after-sales service it provides to the customer.

How would you describe the partnership between Limeport and STONE?

The partnership between Limeport and STONE is being built on a win-win basis, aiming at a strategy of relevance in an important region for the sector.

What are the added values of participating in this event?

To make known the new products under development by the company, establish new contacts and expand the networking network in the sector, are the main objectives to be achieved with the participation of Limeport in this event.

What are Limeport's expectations for the next edition of STONE?

Limeport's expectations are high and we expect them to be exceeded by the excellence in the organization of the event.

What will be the company's big bet for the fair?

Limeport's bet in this fair, will be the presentation of new products, developed at the level of extraction of own unit as well as development at the level of design and product creation.

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