COMECA: "EXPOALIMENTA is a reference fair in our sector, in which, throughout the years, we have marked our presence"
COMECA: "EXPOALIMENTA is a reference fair in our sector, in which, throughout the years, we have marked our presence"

One of the oldest companies in the sector, COMECA, which has been in business since 1948, presents itself today with a new administration. The current administration is working on the restructuring of the company, which at the moment represents several worldwide reference brands in distinct areas. Vasco Sousa, from COMECA's administration, says that there will be a bet on a new segment in the food sector, which will be highlighted at EXPOALIMENTA, taking place between October 27th and 29th.

What motivates COMECA to be at EXPOALIMENTA?

Above all, we think that this is a reference fair in our sector, in which, over the years, we have marked our presence.

What will COMECA's bet be as an exhibiting company?

Nós ainda estamos a preparar aquilo que vai ser a nossa aposta em termos de exposição. Posso adiantar, que no segmento da alimentação, além do canal HORECA haverá uma aposta grande no segmento da pizaria.

De que forma estão a preparar a retoma do contacto com os clientes na EXPOALIMENTA?

This is clearly a fundamental objective. To give a sign of vitality through direct contact with people. We are talking about a historical company in the sector with strong relationships of 20 and 30 years old with its reference distributors.

Since there is already a history of participation, what is the balance of the post-show period?

The biggest challenge for fairs, whether national or international ones, is always the post-fair period. The effort of the fair should be focused on this moment and how it can be enhanced. The responsibility lies with the exhibitor, but the differentiation of the fair will be closely linked to this aspect.

This year EXPOALIMENTA will be held simultaneously with DECORHOTEL. Is this something that companies can take advantage of?

That partnership, having another international fair in our sectoras a reference, is fundamental. Basically, what distinguishes fairs is their capacity to capture attention and mobilize people. This is one of the greatest benefits of this event this year. The sector has to invest time and physically travel to a place to be able to solve all its problems. Therefore, concentrating several themes in an interconnected event benefits everyone. 

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