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Fair of Machinery, equipment, raw materials and technology for molds and plastics 

October 2024 - EXPOSALÃO - Batalha

Why Visit

Visiting MOLDPLÁS is a unique opportunity to be in direct contact with the companies that supply and support the mold and plastics industry, which, edition after edition, choose the fair as a place to present their innovations and technological innovations, and get to know in loco a vast number of proposals and solutions to optimize production processes. 


Advantages of Participating:

  • To get to know the sector and the market players;
  • Know in loco the proposals, solutions and novelties;
  • Contact in a short period of time with a large number of companies, which greatly reduces the cost per contact;
  • Compare the various solutions on the market, which facilitates the purchase decision;
  • Observe and evaluate the competition;
  • Exchange knowledge and opinions with professionals in the sector;
  • Attend lectures, workshops and presentations;
  • Evaluate a future participation in the fair.


Entrance: Exclusively for industry professionals, upon accreditation.

The fair is exclusively for professionals from the sector, and accreditation must be carried out. A different email address must be used for each new registration, otherwise the platform will assume it is the same person and will not accept it. 

No one under the age of 12 is allowed to enter the fair.


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