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Industry 4.0, Automation and Robotics Trade Fair.

November 9th to 12th 2022 - EXPOSALÃO - Batalha

Wednesday to Saturday - 10 am / 8 pm

Why Visit

Visiting i4.0 EXPO is a unique opportunity to contact directly with the main market players who present their solutions and proposals for industry 4.0, automation and robotics. Because the future is now!

We count with the participation of more than 100 companies, bringing together in an area of 10 000 m2, the main players in the market that will present a wide variety of proposals and solutions. The Future, at EXPOSALÃO - Battle!

See the Advantages:

  • Know the sector and market players;
  • To know on the spot the proposals, solutions and news;
  • Contact in a short time with a large number of companies, which greatly reduces the cost per contact;
  • Compare the various solutions on the market which facilitates the purchase decision making;
  • Observe and evaluate the competition;
  • Exchange of knowledge and opinions with professionals in the sector;
  • Attend lectures, workshops and presentations;
  • Assess future participation in the fair.

Entry: Exclusive to professionals of the sector, upon accreditation. 

The fair is intended for professionals, and accreditation must be carried out here. A different email address must be used for each new registration, otherwise the platform will assume it is the same person and will not accept it. 

Children under the age of 12 years old are not allowed to enter the fair.



Commercial Manager and Event Coordination

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Commercial Advisor

918703008 / 244769492
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